Food and Finished Goods

As a global leader in food production and food export with consumers in ASEAN countries and over 35 countries worldwide, Thai Wah monitors and understands consumer behavior trends and market demands that are constantly changing. We strive to innovate, including raising awareness of food safety and quality, as part of our Pillar "Food and Finished Goods", we are committed to adapting to rapid changes and distinguishing ourselves through the integration of sustainability-focused innovations in all aspects of our business. We provide opportunities and expand the scope for associates to create and innovate through the Thai Wah Innovation Network, which helps develop manufacturing processes and starch products, food products, and biodegradable products.

Innovations in Production, Products, and Sustainable Services

Thai Wah has created the foundation for driving new innovations by establishing the "Thai Wah Innovation Network" in countries where we have factories and offices, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. The objective is to create innovations and products that meet the needs of consumers in each country, emphasizing nutritional value, convenience, and ease of cooking.

The Innovation Hub is located at Chulalongkorn University for studying and researching new products in state-of-the-art lab facilities. The Ideation Hub, situated in the Sathorn office, focuses on creating new food menus from our products. The Application Centers in Vietnam, Indonesia, and China serve as spaces for product testing and market experimentation, ensuring that the company's products meet the genuine needs of customers in those countries.

In the starch business, the company offers alternative products tailored to the needs of customers and consumers in categories as follow:

  1. Functional solutions product – Deliver stable, desirable product with high performance ingredients.
  2. Clean label product – Create chemical free products with simple, recognizable ingredients.
  3. Healthy solutions product – Deliver healthy, trusted products with nutrition specific ingredients.

Thai Wah commits to embark the lifestyle of good health and sustainability by offering variety of plant-based food products that meticulously created to support the consumers’ health, protect the environment and reinforce sustainable farming practices. The implementation of the Company’s recent innovations in research and development helps create products that benefit society in terms of nutrition and the environment. This strategy aims to promote food security.

Innovative Products in Starch and Starch-Related Business
Categories Amount
2020 2021 2022 2023 Target 2024
Functional Solutions Products 55 58 63 64 65
Clean Label Products 6 19 20 20 20
Healthy Solutions Products 6 19 22 22 22

In the year 2023, Thai Wah's food business launched new innovative products, providing continuous options for consumers. The products introduced to the market include:

The ROSECO brand offers a range of bioplastic products with different properties according to usage requirements. Products under the ROSECO brand have been tested to biodegrade naturally according to international standards, including Home Compost and Industrial Compost Certificate. The biodegradation period depends on the composition and formula, which vary according to usage or demand. These alternative materials replace non-biodegradable plastics not only for environmental friendliness but also for safety and reliability.

One common use of plastic in the agricultural industry is the use of plastic mulch films to promote agricultural production. These films are mostly made from Polyethylene (PE), which is not naturally biodegradable, leading to the problem of plastic waste in agricultural areas. Improper disposal or incomplete removal may also result in microplastic pollution.

Thai Wah understands the importance of packaging in the supply chain, from design, material selection, transportation, to disposal. All aspects are relevant to the efficiency in the packaging process, usage, and transportation. Adjusting packaging helps the company enhance transportation efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize unnecessary raw material, and reduce production costs. In 2023, Thai Wah improved its packaging to be more environmentally friendly, including:

  • Green Carton

    Thai Wah has upgraded its environmental protection efforts by switching to Green Carton for packaging and delivering food products for export. This carton reduces paper usage by up to 25 grams per square meter while remaining the strength to withstand stacking and provide adequate protection. This change has allowed the company to reduce the use of non-recyclable paper used in packaging by approximately 117 tons per year.

  • Adjusting Product Packing to Reduce Paper Usage

    By adjusting packing methods, Thai Wah has significantly reduced the amount of non-recyclable paper used in cardboard box packaging, lowering it by up to 12 tons per year. This adjustment not only saves costs in terms of resources but also increases efficiency and reduces transportation costs.

  • Reducing Plastic Usage in Food Packaging

    In order to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices, the company has managed to reduce plastic usage by a total of 5.7 tons per year. With the reduced weight, the Company also saves energy costs in transportation.

  • Designing Packaging for Starch Products to Enhance Transportation Efficiency

    The traditional packaging method of pouring flour products into bags made them resemble pillows, which couldn't efficiently accommodate double-stacked pallets. Therefore, Thai Wah has adopted a new packaging design that prioritizes transportation efficiency, stability during movement, labor cost savings, and customer needs.

Certification of Product Quality and Safety Standards

Thai Wah places utmost importance on the quality and safety of its products, rigorously ensuring compliance with laws and regulations at both national and international levels throughout every stage of production.

In 2023, the Company received certifications at both national and international levels as follows.

Starch and Starch-Related Business*
FSSC22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, GHPs, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, Organic, Green Industry
Food Business
BRC, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, GHPs, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, SMETA, Organic, Green Industry Level 3

*Certifications received differ in each factory

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

As we extend our global presence, our survey efforts are expanding significantly, enabling us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs, desires, and preferences. This ensures that our products and services consistently uphold the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys are broken down into two distinct categories: 1) Starch Business and International Food Business and 2) Domestic Food Business.

  • Starch Business and International Food Business

Methodology – Online Self-Completion Surveyed by Nielsen IQ

Questionnaire Topics – 1) Buying Factor; 2) Product Quality; 3) Packaging and Labeling; 4) Product Variety; 5) Service and Support; 6) Delivery

Overall Satisfaction Score

2021 2022 2023 Target 2024
Starch Business and International Food Business (%) 83 88 90 90

In 2024, the company established a continuous development mission for speedy communication and information provision to ensure that consumers receive the most efficient response to their needs. In addition, the company will strengthen its after-sales service by developing service capabilities and maintaining the efficiency of its products, packaging, and delivery services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Domestic Food Business

Methodology – Phone Call by Sales Team

Questionnaire Topics – 1) Overall Product Satisfaction; 2) Overall Product Quality; 3) Overall Packaging Quality; 4) Overall Product Delivery Satisfaction; 5) Overall Sales Service Satisfaction; 6) Overall Marketing Satisfaction; 7) Overall Sales Promotion Satisfaction; and 8) Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction Score

2021 2022 2023 Target 2024
Domestic Food Business (%) 85 91 89 91

Thai Wah is deeply committed to gathering and comprehending customer and consumer feedback, prioritizing the concerns expressed to provide the best possible experience. Recognizing that overall marketing is of utmost importance to customers, in 2023, the sales team and production department also conduct monthly meetings dedicated to discussing customer and consumer feedback. During these sessions, they pinpoint areas for improvement and set collective goals to strive for success together. These proactive meetings enable the Company to promptly respond to customer feedback and ensure efficient fulfillment of customer and consumer needs.