Farmer Development

Thailand is currently regarded as one of the countries that produces the agricultural products that serve as SEA's primary exports and the foundation of sustainable economic development. In the “Farmer Development” Pillar, Thai Wah, a manufacturer and exporter of starch and starch-related food products with farmers serving as the main suppliers of their raw materials, views its mission in driving the adoption of sustainable farming practices and advocating regenerative agriculture, all while elevating the standard of living for farmers — and by extension, those all along the value chain — in Southeast Asia. This allows for joint value creation with innovation so that our food production can continue to satisfy consumer needs and wants in a sustainable manner, and that the Thai agricultural industry can reach higher standards. And the prerequisite to all that is none other than professional raw material management.

Farmers play a significant role in driving the global economy and determining its direction. Over the past few years, we have been placing a high priority on developing their potential and encouraging them to practice more sustainable farming in accordance with international principles. In doing so, we have been developing and deploying our agronomists into communities to equip them with the knowledge and access to cutting-edge smart agricultural technologies and innovations they need, all while assisting in building a sustainable business foundation for the next generation of farmers to return and develop their homelands.

Sustainable Supply Management

Thai Wah is no stranger to the pressing need to transition its agricultural product value chain to sustainable practices in order to remain competitive in the face of a rapidly changing business climate. With the intensifying strain on resources due to a burgeoning global population, the quantity and quality of agri-food products have been significantly affected, while trade barriers have been imposed, preventing exports to countries with stringent environmental regulations. In response, we have been actively focusing on developing innovations and technologies that not only enhance the capacity of our agricultural and related food supply chains, as they are the cornerstone to business efficiency and success, but also ensure the sustainability of our business operations. Meanwhile, we have also been striving to conserve and restore watershed areas in an effort to improve natural resource security, which is essential to people’s livelihoods as well as to elevating the standard of living all along the entire value chain.

X20 Clean Stem Multiplication

Thai Wah is making impressive strides in cassava stem multiplication. Thanks to the innovations and know-hows from the Greenhouse Farming Project for Urgent Propagation of Cassava Stems, a joint project with the Thai Tapioca Development Institute (TTDI), our propagation of cassava stems has skyrocketed from a modest 4-5 to a remarkable 20. Now, there is a total of 10 greenhouses in 3 provinces in Thailand — 5 in Rayong, 2 in Kalasin, and 3 in Tak, close to our factories, which has enabled us to provide our farmers with the best quality cassava stems, allowing them to reap the rewards season after season.

Crop Growth Analysis and Monitoring Digital Platform

Thai Wah is committed to promoting its digital platform services for farming. The platforms are constantly updated, particularly in terms of data accuracy and service offerings that now include personal loan and fund acquisition. Of particular note is our “Digital Platform for Crop Growth Analysis and Monitoring.” The platform has been developed based on farmer and cultivation databases with data gathered from vegetation index and cultivated area surveys as well as from satellite images with an accuracy rate of over 90%. Its features are extensive and include, but are not limited to, analyzing and forecasting daily, weekly, and monthly rainfall up to nine months in advance. The accuracy rate of the analysis model for yield and quality (% of starch content) forecasting has increased by 75% from the 1st phase to 90%. Farmers have since been benefiting from the platform in that they can plan harvests for the optimum yield and price, which is consistent with our production plan.

Next Gen FarmX

Thai Wah is passionate about transforming the agricultural landscape of Thailand, ushering it in a new era of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and economic prosperity. As such, we seek to empower farmers to return to their homelands and make a living through their farming ventures. We have developed “Next Gen FarmX,” a revolutionary project crafted to optimize sourcing, anticipate and mitigate risks in the supply chain, and promote sustainable farming practices. This project serves as a new source of income for the farmers and raises the bar for the quality of Thai agriculture to a level of global recognition and acceptance. We are confident that this initiative will bring about a more prosperous and sustainable future for the farmers and their families.

Thai Wah Thank You Farmer Day

Thai Wah respects and values farmers as much as partners as a long-term component of its growth strategies. We are excited to work with farmers and communities to see how we can together strive for sustainable development over the long term through “Thai Wah Thank You Farmer Day,” an activity held to express our sincere gratitude to all the farmers who deliver cassava roots to our starch factories. Every quarter, we distribute dividends from our profits back to farmers in the Pimai district, Nakhon Ratchasima; Mueang district, Udonthani; and Tha Khantho district, Kalasin.