Farmer Development

Farmers are an important part in driving the global economy, the originator of the 4 factors of mankind: food, clothing, housing and medicine. At present, Thailand is considered one of the producers of the agricultural commodities which are the most important exports in Southeast Asia and the key to sustainable economic development.

Thai Wah is a manufacturer and exporter of starch and starch-related food products. Farmers are the main suppliers of the raw materials. We are committed to improving lives throughout the food production from upstream to the downstream supply chain. With the intention to create value together with innovation and sustainability for the continuity of food production to meet the needs of consumers, professional raw materials management is therefore required. The promotion of good agriculture is an important factor.

Throughout the years, the Company has focused on the development of farmers as a policy and clearly set a goal to provide farmers with the knowledge and access to resources through modern and smart agricultural technology and innovation in the present day. In addition, Thai Wah has applied various technologies and innovations as an agricultural tool to help find solutions for farmers and help develop the potential of the Thai agricultural sector to reach better standards. In 2021, Thai Wah adopted the principles of TWPC Sustainable Agriculture and accepted international standards as a direction of promotion for the Thai Wah Farmer Network in order to support farmers to cultivate in a more sustainable manner according to international principles. It covers 3 dimensions of the country: society, economy, and environment. Therefore, customers and consumers can be assured of quality and safety at the beginning of the raw materials procurement, as well as production and handling to consumers.

Despite the continuous business growth and the wider network of the supply chain, Thai Wah remains committed and fully developed to encourage farmers to produce the agricultural products responsibly by focusing on promoting the participation of business partners through cooperation with network partners in various sectors such as the government, private sector, community, and the NGOs, etc.

Strategic Plan and Model towards Agricultural Sustainability

TW Sustainable Farming Platform
Sustainable supply sourcing Accelerate HVA crop platform Set up Farm BU and product pipeline as new income source Launch and scale next gen FarmX digital Platform
  • Determine approach strategy with clear plan and goal
  • Expand waxy cassava
  • Bio Plus Liquid Fertilizer
  • Soil-less growing media with high organic content
  • Biofertilizer
  • Optimize hunting and sourcing
  • Create activities for farmers such as Thank You Farmer Day
  • Expand special cassava breeds
  • Greenhouse farming for healthy cassava stem for farmer
  • Anticipate challenge and smooth out risks in supply chain
  • Rank sustainable farmer with: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Farmer Collector
  • Build mung bean production foundation
  • Clinic of cassava breeds, soil, growing, diseases and pest
  • Promote sustainable farming practice to improve farmer livelihood
  • Promote and expand farmer network both in increasing production yield and steady and constantly procurement
  • Expand organic cassava growing area in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia
  • Agricultural mechanization - Harvester
  • Become farming platform for new source of future income

TWPC Sustainable Agriculture

To raise the standards of Thai agriculture to be accepted by worldwide consumers, Thai Wah has collaborated with many partners in driving agricultural sustainability: enhancing knowledge and technology for farmers to develop their lands and communities in accordance with international principles and laying a business foundation for the new generation of farmers who want to return to develop their homeland. TWPC Sustainable Agriculture Project is implemented by covering 3 dimensions of issues: society, economy and environment.

Thai Wah Farmer Network

The company is determined to support the communities in the long term by the innovation of supporting sustainable communities. The initiative for our agricultural communities is to build the "Thai Wah Farmer Network," which is the place to present the knowledge about modern agriculture and agricultural technology, such as scalable agriculture and the best solution for smart farms in the region by Thai Wah, to the farmers. The research and collaboration to develop the stated knowledge and technology are for the purposes of supporting people's health; improving the global overall supply chain to respond to the future needs; and enhancing farmers' living. Key operation plans include:

The Company promotes knowledge and understanding of cassava planting techniques and correctly increases yield of cassava, as well as supports cassava seedlings with certified standards for farmers members of Thai Wah Farmer Network. In 2021, the company has organized training courses for Thai Wah members such as increasing productivity by improving soil, using certified seedlings and the use of modern machinery, the use of mobile applications to track the weather, and cultivation.

Smart Digital Agriculture

In 2021, farmer and cultivation database on Thai Wah's digital platform has regularly been updated, from which growth analysis system was developed based on the vegetation index and cultivated area survey. Satellite images with over 90% accuracy is also used for crop monitoring. The database has also been used to analyze and forecast daily/weekly/monthly rainfall, which could be conducted up to 9 months in advance.

In addition, in 2021, analysis model for yield forecasting, productivity, and yield quality (% of starch content) with more than 75% accuracy than the 1st phase which continue being developed to reach 90% accuracy. The benefits gain from the model allow farmers to plan harvesting timeline for the best yield and price which is in line with the company's production plan.

All these digital platforms will contribute to the Company's planning for sustainable raw material sourcing. We also strive to help prepare Thai Wah farmers for technological changes and improve their decision making on tapioca cropping through the adoption of digital platforms to ensure efficiency and maximize effectiveness.