Thai Wah is driven by our core purpose to serve our global consumers as we seek to Create Innovation and Sustainability from Farm to Shelf. We take pride in sharing stories of our journey and we hope to inspire more to join us.

Mr. Ho Ren Hua Director and CEO

2020 was an unprecedented year of challenge and uncertainty for all of us, as Covid-19 and the global pandemic upturned the way we live, work and play. Despite the challenge due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Company has been financially strong and the core business of the Company remains steady and intact. By far, the most important thing we did in 2020 was keeping our associates, supply chain and partners safe and healthy amidst the global pandemic. Moreover, we made a very focused effort over the course of the year to care for the physical and mental well being of our associates, focusing on health and hygiene, job protection, work from home and flexible working hours policies. In addition for the first half of the year, we rapidly deployed Covid-19 insurance while ensuring we could conduct effective performance evaluation and training program analysis on an ongoing basis as an important part of the organization towards sustainability and developing long term best practices.

As we aspire to be a leading 21st century organization with global reach now to over 30 countries around the world, our stakeholder’s activity and commitment across all aspects of our value chain from farm, sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and delivery has profound impact to the community and stakeholders we work with. Serving our consumer and customer base is a commitment to creating shared value, as we seek to erve our global consumers the best of tapioca, mung bean, rice, and other starch and food products from this region to the rest of the world. As we continue to expand our reach, we still focus on our strategies, namely, Farmer Development, Green Factory and Community, Family Work and Life Balance, and Organic Food and Healthy Food R&D. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we maintained daily and weekly communication with over 3,000 farmers across the region, not just in Thailand but also Vietnam and Cambodia.

This year in 2020, some key initiatives include continuing to support the building of sustainable communities through “Thai Wah Farmer Network”, offering farmers with scalable Agri-Technology, and building best in class regional Thai Wah smart farming solutions models that create more agricultural value and improve overall global supply chain to serve future demand and improve farmer livelihoods. We have pioneered in 2020 the use of geo-mapping and satellite imagery with one of the leading Agri-tech startups in South East Asia. In addition, at the factory level, we have also implemented “Kaizen Project” at tapioca starch factory in Rayong, Udon Thani, and Kalasin province, to conduct lean transformation of the factory, including waste reduction and productivity improvement. The Company’s plants in Udon Thani and Nakhon Pathom province were selected as pilot plants in the organization’s carbon footprint project, which is expected to be able to report and verify GHG emissions by September 2021. This represents the company’s effort to start tackling with urgency of climate change with action and commitment.

Agriculture and food are one of Southeast Asia’s most important exports and we are committed to serve our consumers and customers better by putting innovation and sustainability at the core of our long-term vision. These efforts were enabled by a new R&D hub based at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. We have launched more than 10 new products for both starch and food business and will continue to invest in its growth and innovate for the future, develop a more open innovative ecosystem for partnership and breakthrough technologies in areas of food modification, fermentation, bioplastics or thermoplastic starch, and polymer-science. Looking towards the future we will be launching new prototypes of bioplastic, bio-based and new protein applications as part of our overall push to improve the portfolio.

We are also proud to announce that Thai Wah was selected to be on the list of “Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI)” in 2020 by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and was awarded the Sustainability Disclosure Award by Thaipat for the second consecutive year. This is driven by how we embed sustainability targets in farming, environment, safety and health standards and strive to operationalize our sustainability framework. We are proud to have received “Excellent CG Scoring” rating in 2020 for our corporate governance from IOD for the first year. These awards are the proof of our passion to drive accountability and transparency across our entire value chain. In addition, we won the International Innovation Awards (IIA) 2020 for Bean Vermicelli Double Dragon Balance (DD Balance) product by Enterprise Asia and received the Outstanding Disability Employer Awards of the year 2020 from the department of Social Development and Welfare for the fourth consecutive year.

Looking forward to the next decade, the Thai Wah family remains focused and committed to deliver our vision in Creating Innovation and Sustainability from Farm to Shelf. While uncertainty and chaos may seem to be the new normal, it is imperative to keep developing and strengthening our foundations and our best practices for our team, our associates and our stakeholders.

I thank you for the support, feedback, and encouragement for our Thai Wah journey. We will always strive to do better and do more.