Thai Wah’s Business Overview

Thai Wah Public Company Limited, or TWPC, is Southeast Asia’s leading agri-food platform. We take pride in our comprehensively overarching portfolio of products, from food ingredient products to food solution products, we have parlayed into becoming Southeast Asia’s largest tapioca starch producer and one of the largest vermicelli and noodle producers in Thailand and Vietnam, serving approximately 1 million global consumers.

Founded in 1947 with a commitment to being an enduring pioneer in all the businesses we operate in, we never cease to innovate; We have since been on a winning stride, and this is particularly true of the last few decades, starting with our sprouting as a key player in a variety of businesses and culminating in our sprawling into a wide range of global markets laden with opportunities and potentials. Of particular note among the 35 countries worldwide we export our products to are the USA, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, where we currently conduct business in addition to Thailand.

Our core businesses comprise starch and starch-related products, food products, and biodegradable products. 

Core businesses and Products
Starch & Starch Related Products

The Company’s products in this category include tapioca flour and starch, modified starch, glucose syrup, tapioca pearl, alpha starch, rice flour and starch, and organic products

Food Products

The Company’s products in this category include bean vermicelli, rice noodles, rice vermicelli, starch, flour and pearl, meal kit and instant noodles, and more

Biodegradable Products

Thai Wah has innovated “ROSECO series”, which is a unique type of thermoplastic starch resin, derived from tapioca starch. It can be used in various applications from single-use packaging, agricultural, consumer goods, etc.


We view our long-term mission in cultivating “Innovation and Sustainability” — strands of our DNA — from “Farm” to “Shelf.” By integrating such philosophy into our daily operations across our four “Pillar” strategies: Farmer, Factory, Family, and Finished Good, we, as Southeast Asia’s leading agri-food platform, seek to contribute to the value creation of agri-food products through sustainability-oriented innovations, all while inspiring all stakeholders to take action in a purposeful and sustainable manner.

Well aware that its operations may have more or less impact on its stakeholders, Thai Wah runs its business with the utmost regard for the environment it operates in, the people it serves, and the personnel it hires. We have put in place the stringent Sustainability Framework to ensure that every aspect of our business operations — from sourcing raw materials to disposing of waste — is as environmentally friendly, ethically upright, transparent and accountable, and beneficial to all stakeholders as possible. By upholding the highest standards of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance, we seek to make a lasting difference in the environment and the lives of its stakeholders, all while advancing the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, or ESG, principles.