Organic Food and Healthy Food R&D

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about changes in all business groups as well as changes in consumer behaviors. As for Thai Wah, which is in the agriculture and food business, we must cope with the safety throughout the entire process as consumers have turned to give priority to cleaner, safer, and healthier food. Thai Wah is an international food producer and exporter, who exports to ASEAN countries as well as more than 32 countries worldwide. We are committed to building consumer confidence and producing or developing products that are up to date and meet the market demands that are always adjusting.

With our expertise and experience in tapioca flour and food products made from flour, we pay meticulous attention starting from selection of raw materials that goes through quality selection process, supervision of production process, and final quality inspection before delivering products into the hands of customers and consumers worldwide. As a business leader in the agriculture and food industry, the Company gives great priority to improvement of quality and safety levels throughout the entire process with the ongoing intention and commitment in the development of consumer's good health. In 2021, the Company continuously collaborated with its business partners, research institute, and Chulalongkorn University on research for new food innovations in order to achieve good products, that are delicious, convenient, have nutritional value and are good for health so as to maintain the sustainability of its leadership in the food business.

Innovations on Procedures, Products, and Services

The main factors which are under consideration in the process of developing health products consist of increasing nutritional quality that is convenient to consumers, creating diversity of products by using local raw materials and ingredients, having appropriate price, and meeting market and consumer trends. In 2021, the Company developed a new product, that is, food made from plants as food ingredients in order to promote food products from plants which is the world food trend. Not only it is good for health, but it is also for conservation of the environment as well as for promotion of sustainable agriculture. Thai Wah has thus started to deliver and/or sell prototype products to targeted groups of customers, both domestically and internationally, in order for them to try. During the past year, a total of five new products has been introduced, of which 70 percent of the total products had been through the product development process with emphasis on nutrition, health, and good well-being of consumers.

Product Performance innovations focus to improve nutritional outcomes

2020 2021 Target 2022
Number of consumer health and wellness products 5 5 5
Developed products that focus on health and wellness to new products (%) 50 70 85

Currently, Thai Wah is certified ECOCERT® for its products: glutinous rice starch, rice starch, dry rice noodle, dry vermicelli noodle, and tapioca starch. For exports to the United States and Europe, organic certification will increase the opportunity of "Thai Wah" to compete in the world market

Double Dragon Balance
  • Premium mung bean
  • Low GI, balance blood sugar level
  • No bleaching, gluten-free, chemical-free Received International Taste Institute, 2-star since 2020
Food Ingredient Products
  • Flour for baked and fried food, gluten-free
  • Plant fiber, balance blood sugar level
Waxy Tapioca Starch
  • 100% plant-based
  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO and chemical-free
  • High elasticity and transparency, can be used as modified starch alternative
  • High amylopectin, higher viscosity compared to other type of starch
  • Low temperature during production process to increase efficiency, reduce waste and reduce carbon dioxide from the process.
"An excellent texturizer with its high moisture retention and expansion properties"

Thai Wah is the first tapioca starch-derived bioplastic under ROSECO brand to add value to agricultural products which is in line with our key sustainable strategy. We also commit to develop the business sustainably and take part in protecting and solving environmental issues such as plastic waste and global warming. Bioplastics are considered to be one of the key innovations in the contribution to biological ecosystems to address waste reduction and sustainable packaging solutions

Innovation Hub

Thai Wah has been cooperate with an Innovative Research Center at the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University to support research and development on food and health, as well as R&D of products for sustainability, in the forms of research grants or joint research with the Faculty of Science or other faculties of Chulalongkorn University. The aim is to produce more of the researchers who are specialized in the fields that match the Company's needs, and to conveniently build upon the research results for commercial purpose. In addition to the Innovative Research Center, there are Ideation Hub at Headquarter, Sathorn and Application Hub at Shanghai, China. Thai Wah has also forged cooperation network with other public and private research institutes to jointly conduct R&D for the manufacturing of new healthy products into the market.

2019 2020 2021 Target 2022
Research and Development Expenses 22.8 24.5 33.8 37.2
Number of Research and Development Personnel 11 14 14 15
Number of Patents and Petty Patents None None None 1-2
Enhancing Quality and Food Safety

The Company's food manufacturing process is operated in accordance with HACCP and GMP management systems to ensure safety of our food products and comply with laws and regulations of both Thailand and partner countries on food safety. Moreover, in May 2021, Vermicelli and Rice Noodle Factory in Banglen, Nakorn Pathom province, is approved in "IPHA – Industrial and Production Hygiene Administration" to emphasize the confidence in safety measures to cope with Covid-19.

Acquired international standards, to ensure quality and food safety throughout the food supply chain
Starch Factory
Food Factory

Marketing Communication and Customer Privacy

The company commits to produce quality, safe, and healthy products which are delivered on time to meet consumer's satisfaction. Quality and production control have been regularly implemented on par with the international standard. Customer satisfaction is our performance indicator, based on which product quality and services are further improved and developed.

The company annually conduct customer satisfaction evaluation on Thai Wah's products and services. The results have been submitted to the management every year for further product and service development, as well as planning of sales promotion. The development plans, formulated based on the customer satisfaction evaluation in 2021 can be summarized as follows:

Development and Improvement Plan Year 2022
Revise the packaging to be more convenient and meet the needs of users Develop original products and new products to answer the needs of customers better Revise formats of marketing activities to better meet the needs, both in terms of price and profit Allocate activities to be appropriate with each channel and consider revising activities to be more balanced
  • Customer satisfaction scores
    2018 2019 2020 2021 Target 2022
    Starch Business 86 90 83 84 84
    Food Business 85 84 86 86 Increase the level of customer satisfaction by being at least 88.5%
  • Food Business
    2018 2019 2020 2021 Target 2022
    Brand Awareness 43% / 22%* 35% / 20%** 33% / 19%*** 37% / 23%**** Maintain
    TOM Brand Penetration (share) 66% / 31%* 47% / 33%** 56% / 40%*** 70% / 39%**** Maintain

    *Double Kirin in fresh vermicelli / Double Dragon in dry vermicelli brand measure from U&A Consumer Study by Nielsen Research in 2016

    **Double Kirin in fresh vermicelli / Double Dragon in dry vermicelli brand measure from U&A Consumer Study by Nielsen Research in 2019

    *** Double Kirin in fresh vermicelli / Double Dragon in dry vermicelli brand measure from U&A Consumer Study by Nielsen Research in 2020

    **** Double Kirin in fresh vermicelli / Double Dragon in dry vermicelli brand measure from U&A Consumer Study by Nielsen Research in 2021