Family Work and Life Balance

Covid-19 continued through 2021 and is more intense now than last year. There have been many changes that have never happened before with a faster pace. The readiness of the organizational structure and the employees to cope with such changes are things which drive the organization to move forward efficiently and sustainably. Moreover, the organizations must be capable of recruiting potential personnel who are best suited with the organizational structure. In addition to the development of working efficiency and the employees' adjustment to the situation, Thai Wah takes care of and is committed to improving the quality of the employees' lives; from the workplace, environment, and atmosphere to the welfare, including respect for human rights and gender equality. This helps create a sense of security at work for employees. Taking care of employees in every aspect will benefit both the individuals in terms of work and the organizations in terms of progress towards sustainability.

Each employee is considered the foundation and heart of the Company's endeavor to promote competitive advantage and sustainable growth. All employees are parts of one family. Thai Wah upholds the critical principles of justice, integrity, and transparency in taking care of our family members. We have placed priority on creating a learning organization where all employees are encouraged to develop their potential and capability and to learn together continuously. Thai Wah strives to promote a creativity-based learning environment and freedom in a bid to create bonding among all employees, for them to take pride in being part of Thai Wah.

A solid foundation for implementing strategic plans is an organizational culture where sustainability is considered to be a part of and is the basis for the future success of the organization. Thai Wah encourages employees to play a role in participation or propose ideas for organizational sustainability. Therefore, Thai Wah focuses on creating an environment which supports learning and stimulates free creativity and innovation. At Thai Wah, "We are committed to continuous development, encourage new creativity and believe in the benefits of the power of innovation."

In everyday work, we welcome feedback from our work in order to make improvements for more efficiency. This will enable us to work towards the set objectives. The key to success is that the employees understand the business objectives and believe in the value of working together. Being treated equally gives them the courage to express their creativity to develop the organization together towards success. We strive and encourage creativity that leads to new innovations in order to improve and increase work efficiency and set such approach as a working standard. This will be a tool to support Thai Wah to develop and move towards the goals set.

Performance Management System: PMS

All employees have their own performance appraisal each year. This is a communication with the supervisor about the objectives, self-development plan and career path, including professional self-development by encouraging employees to assess and set goals that are consistent with their competency; both core and leadership competencies. This will be done through the evaluation system and it will be used as data for the analysis of a training pattern to develop employees' potential as appropriate and on which the company currently develops a digital system project for the efficiency of the assessment system and data analysis for systematic development planning.

Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA)

The building of new generation executives is also a goal the Company must place great importance on. Thai Wah Leadership Academy (TLA), is thus, designed to develop potential employees to become new generation management through the heredity of DNA, that is, transfer of success and experiences from the former and current generation executives, which have been designed to maximize learning capacity based on the principle of 70-20-10, as follows:

Employee Engagement Assessment

In 2021, the Company conducted a survey called PULSE SURVEY for the first year. Due to the COVID-19 situation being more virulent than last year, there has been a change in the work pattern such as work from home to a higher degree and online communication. Therefore, the survey format was adjusted to be more suitable for the situation. The survey result was 84 percent.

The Company has placed importance on human rights management in compliance with the business code of conduct and international human rights standards. The Board of Directors and/or senior management are expected to monitor and ensure that human rights are not violated in any of the Company’s activity, nor human rights violation due to any act or decision made by the Company.

The Company has formulated a policy on corporate responsibility to respect human rights. The aim is to undertake comprehensive measures related to human rights by adhering to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) as a framework for human rights management. The policy includes analyzing and gauging human rights risks, risk management, and constant monitoring of and reporting on related progress. Thai Wah’s key human rights issues are forced labor, human trafficking, and illegal child labor.

In demonstrating consistent commitment to addressing the above issue, the Company has formulated a plan to uplift responsibility and transparency in the supply chain, disseminated policy, and practices on sustainable procurement to business partners. By providing the training and enhance knowledge of key business partners for them to conduct self-assessment on sustainability, assessed key business partners, on sustainability, and supplied main raw materials from responsible agricultural sources. Those who wish to become future partners will have to sign an acknowledgment of human rights and good labor practices and to comply with the principles set by the Company strictly. With our commitment and care, Thai Wah has also implemented workplace safety, health, and environmental policy in accordance with related laws and standards for all employees and business partners to work in a safe and happy environment.

The Company has placed priority on fair treatment to the employees on the basis of international human rights standards, with the clear policy on nondiscrimination in the process related to recruitment, employment, compensation and benefit payment, trainings, job assignment, and promotion. The Company commits to provide facilities necessary for their work, and promote safe and healthy work environment. Participatory culture is also encouraged for the development of their quality of life and value, and public mind, thus, enabling our people to have a sense of their worth and reach their full potential.

We have continued to implement our policy on human rights and have yet to witness any case that business operation is held accountable for human rights violation. Nevertheless, the Company has provided various channels to receive opinions and suggestions from the employees, such as the Intranet and Suggestion Box.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Company has set up the "Core BCP Team", of which the members include EXCO and Risk Management Team, since year 2020. The team objective is to be the central data center to assess related impacts and determine measures and directions in providing support to the employees. Measures implemented include working from home, provision of hygienic masks and alcohol gel to all the employees, COVID-19 screening for employees and visitors, regular office disinfection during the outbreak, COVID-19 insurance coverage for all employees, manage and provide vaccines to employees, provision of temporary shelter for employees in the risk groups, and flexible working hours for employees, who have to come to the office, to avoid congestion during rush hours. The Company also supplied necessary resources for the continuation of business operation during the crisis, such as providing laptops to the employees to work from home, subsidizing their internet fees, and setting up Microsoft teams and Zoom for teleconferences, etc.